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  • Personal Running Trainer

    Personal Running Trainer

  • Tracking app for runners

    Personal Running Trainer

    The best coaching and tracking app for runners. You can easily control workouts & music from your smartphone/ tablet or even Apple Watch! The app has been totally redesigned by our team and given a competitive edge. An easy-to-use design has become the key advantage over the competitive apps on the market.

    Result: Over 1M installs, 50% growth in sales

  • Moves Tracker

    Moves Tracker

  • Precise pedometer

    Moves Tracker

    Moves Tracker allows to enjoy complete GPS independence and tons of functionality. Whether you run outdoors, indoors or on a treadmill you can count on this app for dead precision, external sensor support, detailed activity statistics, voice alerts etc. Download the app and start training with the most precise pedometer on the market!

  • Learn English for Beginners

    Learn English for Beginners

  • Educational application

    Learn English for Beginners

    The client is an Australian publisher that is producing a series of educational applications. There was a need to find a development partner to produce the app. Omega-R created the app for the Android platform. It has been involved in design as well as coding and graphic design.

    Result: 3 M installs, 20k DAU

  • Live Colors

    Live Colors

  • Coloring app

    Live Colors

    Easiest-to-use coloring app ever! Your little artist will bring masterpieces to life while coloring, drawing and mixing colors! The app is a unique combination of gaming and learning. Watch your child’s motor skills and creativity blossom. Help your child discover the whimsical world of colors!

  • App for learning to play the guitar


    Intuitive learning app which keeps you improving every time you pick up your guitar. By constantly listening, measuring, recording and reporting your performance, you'll always stay on track. Guitarability can detect any chords and notes, offers a vide exercises variety and allows even the most advanced musicians to practiсe their skills.

  • Exchange referrals


    Flyplist makes it easier to exchange referrals with your best business contacts. Flyplist helps you find and give relevant, timely referrals based on the skills and interests of people in your personal network. Easily look up product and service providers that your power partners, casual networking partners and casual connections recommend.

  • Academic Publishing House

    Nota Bene

    The Academic Publishing House “NOTA BENE” is one of the leading Russian scientific publishers. It specializes in publishing journals and books in the spheres of humanities and social sciences, as well as communications and high technologies, military and technical spheres and security issues, and also in the sphere of cultural studies and fine arts.
  • Inventory Bar

    Inventory Bar

  • App for revisions

    Inventory Bar

    This app is a revolutionary way to measure the alchocol remainings in a innovative way!
    Alchocol remainings Calculating Inventory Usage Bar Inventory Automation
    The restaurant and bar owners will forget about the the traditional measures. Inventory bar is a unique tool for revisions: just take a picture of the bottle and get a detailed report on your email. No more headaches about long revisions and losts related to inaccurate measurement.

  • Recall


  • Personal digital memories


    Our world is getting busier and we are constantly being overloaded with information. The Recall team, a group of technology enthusiasts based in Chicago and London who pulled together their ideas, and Recall was born. It is a simple, convenient app to help you create and recall digital memories for everything and anything important to you.
  • Wise Wallet

    Wise Wallet

  • Detailed information about the order in cafes or restaurants

    Wise Wallet

    With Wise Wallet customers can call the waiter with the touch of a button and check the detailed information about the order in cafes or restaurants. Get promotions and enjoy special bonuses only available through our mobile app.

  • Motor World

    Motor World

  • Game Car Factory

    Motor World

    It is a golden chance for those who always dreamed of becoming a Car Factory owner. Endless opportunities to produce up to 300 car models reflecting your personality. Compete with friends around the world and set new trends in car shapes and features. Manage complete operation of running a car factory: hire, train and fire your employees.

    Result: 3M installs, army of fans all over the world

  • Phase 10

    Phase 10

  • Card-Game

    Phase 10

    One of the best-selling card-games from Mattel on your mobile device with a new design and more features. Challenging and fun to play on-the-go card game has three difficulty levels, online multiplayer mode and absolutely free to play.

    Result: The game showed 100% growth in revenue within a year after the update.

  • Casino King

    Casino King

  • Casino Game

    Casino King

    Addicting casino game with modern graphics and animations, sound effects, daily deals and complex rewards system for the most demanding and experienced gamers. Magmic Casino King comes with unique and fun slot games and various themes, as well as two Video Poker mini-games. It is a chance to beat the house every chance you get on your mobile device.

  • Curly Wings

    Curly Wings

  • Arcade-style Game

    Curly Wings

    Arcade-style game for all ages that will make you obsessed about feeding cute furry keaten. Your task is to feed your cat with as much chicken wings, or curly wings, as possible. Just tap the screen to feed your cat “Curly Wings” from the production line. Collect bonus items like onion rings, canned tuna and goldfish to receive in-game currency, unlock exclusive content and beat the game.

  • VR Interior Configurator

    VR Interior Configurator

  • Full-scale constructor

    VR Interior Configurator

    It is a full-scale VR constructor with hundreds of design tools and in-build catalogs to transform any project idea into finished project. The user can select the 3D model of the furniture item or wall papers, put in walls and make them brick, walk and see how it would look like in a 3D room.
  • 3D House Configurator

    3D House Configurator

  • World Gym

    World Gym

  • World Gym Fresh Fitness & SPA club

    World Gym

    World Gym keeps customers up with the latest news, services provided by World Gym Fresh Fitness & SPA club. With the application network members can also enjoy special offers, look for photo reports, and schedule for group classes.

  • Gift Cards


    Buy and sell gift cards quickly and easily.
    The Savvee Gift Card Exchange frees the clutter from your life, and turns unused gift cards into currency.
    With Savvee you can also get great prices on all of your favourite gift cards.

  • Citizen Vape

    Citizen Vape

  • Citizen Vape

    Citizen Vape

    We believe that this is a dawn of a new day, a generational shift but most importantly, an opportunity to be part of a movement for a healthier Australia. Citizen Vape’s goal is simple: lead this movement. We strive to be the foundation of vaping e-commerce and online interaction. As a new day rises, so shall we. We are Citizen and we are that change.

  • Flipping dice

    Flipping dice

  • Game Flipping dice

    Flipping Dice

    Flipping Dice is easy to start, difficult to master, and SO addictive! Swipe to flip an individual die, or tap between two dice to flip both simultaneously. Go for quick wins that match three in a row, or plot your strategy to score the big points!

  • Audio Visualizer for Google Cardboard

    Audio Visualizer for Google Cardboard

  • Audio visualizer - virtual reality

    VR Audio Visualizer

    Audio visualizer - it is the most extraordinary virtual reality creation having 360-degree stereoscopic 3d video player, head-tracking (VR) functionality. It’s sure to be one of Google Cardboard’s major hits.

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  • Oh BiBi develops and publishes unique mobile games
  • Magmic is a world-leading publisher and developer of mobile content and applications
  • WorldGym - international chain of fitness clubs
  • Marines - infantry force that specializes in the support of naval and army operations at sea and on land, as well as the execution of their own operations
  • SportCom - information Agency
  • Imi - the company, which invests in innovative mobile applications
  • Gerb
  • Utility
  • "Omega-R is definitely a high priority for work as soon as it comes through. If they have the bandwidth to take it on, they get first priority on all of my work. They are super efficient." Michael Wilkins, CEO at Imagine Digital Solutions,
    a digital agency located in Australia
  • "Omega-R responded quickly. I think what I liked is that they also helped come up with additional ideas. They took my ideas and helped me brainstorm." Jeff Moore, CEO at Curly Wings,
    a Food Retailer
  • "They [Omega-R] are not super expensive. They’re highly skilled. They’re very responsive, timely, and reliable." Samuels Tchaikawsky, CEO at Tactical Electronics,
    a startup
  • "They are very reliable and honest people. They completed the apps on time and on budget." Marc Lesnick, CEO at Ticonderoga Ventures,
    an event company


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Omega-R Inc. is an international TOP Mobile Development Studio with offices on two continents, Russia and USA (NYC). We design and develop innovative digital solutions with a focus on mobile app solutions, UX design and responsive web. Omega-R works with clients all over the world to create custom-made mobile solutions for their business needs. Our clients come from different sectors and financial background. Therefore we’ve polished our skills to deliver great quality products for all of them: Startups, SME and Fortune 500 companies.


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