We kick-off every project with first of all, diving deep into the client's business. Afterwards, our team carries out a comprehensive analysis, identification of actual problems and determination of the true needs of the client. Then we propose the appropriate solution for our client. We do all the precise work to understand problem scope and explore a wide variety of solutions before the development.
There are many possible solutions, and we need to determine the solution that actually “works”. The easiest solution is sometimes to change existing business processes rather than create a new one.

What they say about us

I think your ability to deeply understand business problems and address those is something I would value no matter where you are - whatever you go with, I wouldn’t let that go easily. That’s what really impressed me.
Thomas Randolph Gross
CIO, CompTIA, Inc., USA
The app has received positive feedback from different user groups focused on its intuitive UI. Omega’s new logo design has also been praised.
Alok Awasthi
Founder Seek Med
We are so glad to have found a partner we can rely on to help us act on our vision for our mobile app offerings. Android, iOS and Roku were all written from scratch and done to our specs very well. I feel like Omega really got to understand our business needs.
Ryan Earls
Customer Experience Manager
The team is friendly and has a great concept of design specifications. They’re very responsive, timely, and reliable. I have a very high trust in them and the quality of their work. It’s a team very pleasurable to work and communicate with and they go the extra mile to satisfy the client.
Ghislain Hachey
Project Advisor, Senior Systems Engineer