High level of expertise in software development; outstanding experience in working directly with customers from the USA and Europe; strong competence in deep integration of mobile applications with internal client systems (ERP, LMS, DMP, etc.).
We make bold, unexpected and creative decisions. Our team carefully examines all clients capabilities to develop a competitive edge and extra profit to the application.
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To build a strong information society by increasing the efficiency of businesses around the world through digitalization and the use of advanced technologies.
Alexey Rybakov, CEO

Our values

We focus on continually building our high reputation and trust with our customers.
We stay on top of the best global acceptable standards in the industry.
We are constantly in search for new ways to achieve goals effectively.
We are open with the client throughout the project’s life cycle.
The opinions of every employee matters and we work as a team to deliver the best solution.
What we do well today must be even better tomorrow!
Our solutions are in demand around the world.

Senior management of the company

Alexey Rybakov
Alexey Rybakov
CEO and founder
Alexey Zhukov
Alexey Zhukov
Creative director
Sergey Yakimov
Sergey Yakimov
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