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Omega helps companies ranging from startups, mid-size clients to large enterprises achieve their business goals by providing highly talented IT professionals: software developers, designers, quality assurance engineers, and project managers. Top companies and brands hire Omega’s experts for their most important projects.
Trusted by brands
The wide variety of customers require Omega to develop and maintain their projects and choose us as their business partner.
World-Class Talent
We go the extra mile to meet your specific requirements and quality standards, and are able to complete highly complex development projects.

experts across a very wide array of software development languages and technologies


experts in UI/UX, illustrations, prototyping, and more

QA engineers

QA testers refine the work of developers and designers by testing against several working environments. Stringent quality tests

Project managers

technical project managers with certifications and expertise across numerous approaches

Ramp up a team for your project, On Demand
Our flexible hiring models will give you the ability to directly communicate with your dedicated developers, assign work and monitor the overall progress.
Hire in 24 hours
Hire in 24 hours
Assemble a team quickly. Dedicated specialists to fill the gaps in your project needs and serve as the basis for a strategic vision.
Risk free
Risk free
We offer experienced industry professionals and a 20 hour FREE trial for any expert that you hire.You can rigorously test and vet before you take. Independent contractor work = NO TAXES to be paid.
Personal account manager for FREE
Personal account manager for FREE (when hire 2+ experts)
Experts to work on your specific project needs, achieving your retention goals by providing extraordinary client service. Complete visibility and control.
Book an expert now and get:
20 hours absolutely FREE for testing
FREE account manager when hire 2+ experts
Get a 35%+ discount for 1 month on dedicated team services. Pay $6,900.00/month instead of $11,200.00
Pay $74,999.00/year instead of $145,600.00 - we offer a 45%+ discount if you book a team for 1 YEAR
Focused approach
Focused approach
The team has a deep understanding and awareness of the development process in its entirety and is always available for comments, propositions, and requirements.
Knowledgeable team
Knowledgeable team
The team you hire is completely equipped with the necessary knowledge. Our members take initiative, the solutions they offer are creative and smart, and they are able to resolve problems with ease.
It is much cheaper than having an in-house team or hiring individuals from your locale.
Free choice
Free choice
A dedicated team approach allows you to select members of the team on your own. You can choose the perfect candidate for your project, and during development, you can add more developers or reduce staff as needed.
Manage the process
Manage the process
You can not only control workflow, but also make changes, comment, and provide ratings.
The dedicated team approach allows modifications to the project to be made during the development process. Fortunately, the dedicated developers you work with help forge the right way to bring your requirements to life.
Clients say:
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1 month 35% discount
pay $6,900.00/month instead of $11,200.00
1 year 45% discount
pay $74,999.00/year instead of $145,600.00
20 hours FREE to test and HIRE our experts
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