Design system development

Large and complex products at enterprise corporations require strict adherence to design guidelines to simplify the development of new functionality, product support, and product compliance with the spirit of the Corporation itself.
The design of the system describes all the interface elements of the corporate product, as well as the behavior of the interface in various user scenarios. Design systems are strictly required for communication between departments of a large company working on a single product.
Design system development
Modular design
Atomic design
Material design

Examples of design systems

    EV charging station management tool

      What will you get?

      1. Pre-project preparation

      • Upcoming work plan in a form of a Gantt chart

      2. Design system library

      • Library of elements within a product or product family, assembled on the principle of atomic design system
      • Rules and guidelines for the use of the design system
      • Library sources in Figma

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