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Website Design

We provide web design services for various categories: design of an online store, promotional website for advertising campaigns, web design of a corporate portal or a single-page landing.
When designing websites, we apply effective UI/UX solutions and maintain a balance of aesthetics and selling properties. The use of new trends and technologies goes hand in hand with the introduction of user experience and satisfaction of business needs.
Corporate websites
E-commerce design
UI / UX audit
Landing pages

What do you get?

1. Pre-project preparation

  • Detailed analysis of competitor sites
  • Upcoming work plan in a form of a Gantt chart

2. Website construction

  • CJM (Customer Journey Map), Job Stories and a key value formula for potential/real website users
  • Userflow
  • First website sketches (Lo-Fi, Wireframes)

3. Website design

  • Detailed web page layouts
  • Adapted layouts for main screen resolutions
  • Accompanying design documentation for website pages for development
  • Examples of web elements interaction animations
  • Design source files in the required format (.figma, .sketch, etc.)

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