The Design Concept for the “Astron” Online Health and Fitness Program

Astron is a fitness clubs chain in Yoshkar-Ola. Modern fitness centers with a gym, group classes, and aqua aerobics. The brand brings together a network of 5 fitness clubs and more than 100 staff of professional fitness trainers.
October, 2020


Fitness centers had a tough time due to the pandemic. The customer came us with an existing site, which needed an expansion of functionality and integration with Zoom: the ability to book online workouts, stream and book personal online workouts.


We completely redesign the existing site, and as part of the CP we worked on the pages for booking, reservation and collecting analytics based on the results of online workouts. We added the ability to view the history of activity and attendance at both the gym and online workouts sessions, updated the design of online payment and refreshed the website’s colour scheme.


The service made it possible for trainers to get their accounts, control workouts, and schedule. The app allows you to plan nutrition and exercise online. The user portal has a class search system and access to exercise statistics with weight control, nutrition planning, and results on training progress. We also designed direct communication with the trainer, online payment and integrated the platform with the existing loyalty system. All functions of the fitness club's network have become closer to the user with the help of one website.


The best solution for a network of fitness clubs with advanced functionality for booking, paying, training online, and tracking progress.

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