Augmented Reality App for Social Theater Project in New York

«J & K 1965» is a social project, setting the main goal to draw the visitor’s attention to such issues as drug addiction. We achieved the full immersion effect by implementing elements of the AR exhibition with shots made in 1965. The application has made it possible to dive into the atmosphere of the days gone being in one of the Manhattan parks.
November, 2017
Mobile app


The theatrical experience J&K 1965 is based on an astonishing photo essay by the legendary photojournalist Bill Eppridge, telling the life of two young New York City junkies addicted to heroin. Attracting extra attention to the problem of drug addiction in the city and country was the ultimate goal.


The solution included the development of a mobile application with computer vision technology for recognizing targets, connecting images with them, further reading of the AR-marker. The app is getting a link from the server that initiates the download of the media.


The app seemed to be very simple in terms of the functionality, in reality possesses an impressive accuracy of AR-markers recognition. Since the performance takes place in the open, we had to be sure that the photos would be recognized in all weather conditions, camera angles and distance.
After numerous tests, and experiments we achieved a great efficiency running the app even at night, poor lighting, also an operation marker range went up to 3 meters.


12% of the theater's audience during the summer period learned about it through the J&K app and AR exhibition.
TodayTix - this platform was sold on average 25% of the available tickets more than the rest of the theater performances.

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