KEDOO Rebranding and Sub-Brands Architecture Development

KEDOO Entertainment is a company that distributes, analyzes and monetizes videos on YouTube, Amazon, ROKU, Facebook, Netflix, Hulu and other digital platforms. KEDOO Entertainment consists of several sub-brands such as: KEDOO, KEDOO Media, KEDOO Shows, KEDOO Kids and KEDOO News & Sports.
March, 2019


The client set us the task of developing an identity for their sub-brands, which were focused on different target audiences, while maintaining the identity of the main brand KEDOO Entertainment. Transmitting the idea and identity of the main brand between sub-brands is not an easy task...


When developing logos, our designers decided to take as a basis the idea of the brand itself - the distribution of advertising using video content - and display it in the logo. The brand's capital letter “K” is easily and metaphorically combined with the user's familiar “Play” button in a beautiful logo for a media distributor.


Based on the content and target audience, we have developed an individual corporate identity for each KEDOO Entertainment sub-brand: Media, News & Sport, Kids and Main. We have also prepared guidelines and rules for brand placement on various media. Visual tuning of each channel helped to segment the existing audience of the brand profitably and attract a new one.


The client's problem was solved. As a result, he received individual branding and corporate identity for each sub-brand, comparing favorably with competitors. The holistic image of the KEDOO brand and the company's sub-brands was visually embodied in the created corporate style and helped to strengthen the business reputation, increased the prestige among partners, and attracted customers. Strengthening the image automatically, without the use of additional advertising tools, improved the perception of the company's services by customers and increased their confidence in them.

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