Magnit. The survey app

A tool for estimating the volume of repair and construction work at retail outlets.
Magnit case study. Survey app development, admin web panel interface, design by Omega it company
December, 2019
Web development
Mobile app
Admin panel

About client

Magnit is a Russian retail holding company. The chain includes 14,231 "close to home" and city stores, 466 supermarkets and hypermarkets, 5,187 drogeries, 294 pharmacies, one alkomarket, and 14 wholesale stores. In total Magnit has 20,193 outlets, the number of employees is about 300 thousand.


Diagnostic methods for technical structures in the company "Magnit" were outdated. As a consequence, the assessment of the object took a long time, and the final estimation of repair and construction work contained incorrect data and harmed the client's business.
Magnit case study. Measuring the width of the sheet metal using an angle


Automate the process of collecting data of the technical condition of the object, as well as to minimize the risk of forming incorrect data in the final estimate of repair and construction work.


We researched a large number of similar services, but none of them fully solved the client's problem.
In the process of research we tried on the role of all participants in the process, worked through the key scenarios and conducted a series of interviews with the target audience.
As a result, we had a hypothesis that the key features of the product should be: - Forming a flexible, nonlinear survey structure; - monitoring of the completed tasks.
Magnit case study. Survey app development, admin web panel desktop interface, design by Omega it company


The target audience for the product is: 1) administrators who generate questionnaires and send out assignments; 2) the performers who perform the tasks.


To solve the problem, it was necessary to develop a service consisting of an admin panel and a mobile application.
Admin panel: - Creating and adjusting questionnaires; - monitoring of completed tasks; - setting up automatic generation of reports And mailing management.
Mobile application: - receiving tasks; - filling out questionnaires.
Magnit case study. Survey app design system development, design by Omega it company


We came up with a logo for the product we were developing that fits seamlessly into the retail line.
Our version was a checklist icon, as a symbol of the correct answers on the questionnaire.
Magnit case study. Survey app development

Nonlinear structure of surveys

We developed a flexible survey designer, which allows you to create reporting tools regardless of the areas of activity.
The key feature of the constructor was a non-linear structure, the administrator sets conditions for displaying certain parameters, which allows to create surveys with any number of nesting.
Magnit case study. Survey app development, web panel interface, design by Omega it company

Flexible task setup

The main features of the product:
1. create and configure task stages; 2. tracking task statuses; 3. configuring access to questionnaire templates for performers; 4. monitoring of task fulfillment results; 5. view report history of changes.
Magnit case study. Survey app admin panel interface, design by Omega it company

Transparent application

The specifics of the project were to make the interface of the mobile app as simple and user-friendly as possible.
We studied the patterns of behavior and working tools of inspectors, and then brought them closer to modern UX standards of applications.
Magnit case study. Survey app design by Omega it company


We developed optimal data storage models, calculated the best format of data exchange between the backend server and the mobile application.
Particular attention was paid to the reliability of data storage on the backend server given the sharp increase in the number of system users after launch - the best solution was to use technologies: Node.js Restify/TypeScript PostgreSQL


Omega's UX designers took care of a simple and efficient interface based on React/TypeScript and Redux technologies. MAGNIT protects users from confusing hierarchies, while the flexibility and adaptability of the admin panel interface that allows you to create surveys of any nesting.


We took care of the risks of data tampering, so we designed the mobile app on Kotlin with mandatory offline caching and data encryption.


The mobile client is integrated with the client's MDM solution from VMware (AirWatch). Due to the need to integrate the server with corporate ActiveDirectory, developing this solution required not only coordinated teamwork of Backend and Mobile developers, but also a strong involvement of the client's IT department. On this project our team gained experience working with MDM solutions, studied their peculiarities of integration and operation.
Magnit case study. Survey app web service development, admin web panel interface, design by Omega it company


A survey designer was created so that the construction department can collect data on the necessary resources for the opening of new Magnit stores.
The "bureaucracy" in gathering information about the necessary resources and allocating the budget is significantly reduced.
All costs are calculated 4 times faster, and decisions become less risky and more efficient.


Our team worked quickly and smoothly, fulfilling all the tasks just in time.
The client set goals, which were eventually achieved: 1. Reducing the time required to open retail outlets by reducing the number of iterations to agree on the scope of work. 2. Reducing the time frame for the preparation of documents by the civil engineer. 3. Completion of all necessary information on the site.

Clients feedback

The Omega team did a tremendous job for the "MAGNIT" chain without breaking any deadlines. Also, maximum mutual understanding was achieved during the negotiations, which was beneficial for the management of a large-scale project. Professionalism, flexible processes and constant contact with the team are the criteria that were important for us when looking for a contractor. We found all that in Omega.
Kirill Belay
Leading System Analyst of the Department of Business Process Automation and Optimization

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