Design Concept of a New Logo and Corporate Identity for the Rosconcert International Competition

The All-Russian Competition of Ballet Dancers and Choreographers, established by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, is intended to continue the tradition of regular holding All-Union competitions of ballet dancers and choreographers in our country, which once have opened a plenty of outstanding performers and talented ballet-masters to the world.
November, 2020


The tender from Rosconcert, as part of which it was necessary to create a new corporate identity and logo for ballet competitions.
The competition number was required to be integrated into the Rosconcert identity and displayed as part of the logo so that the Rosconcert brand would remain stable when changing the competition.


The intuitive association of ballet with tutus and pointe shoes had arisen in our designers mind and they embodied it in the logo. Using Roman numerals as the concert number, they chose a font that resembled the slender legs of ballerinas, and above they wrote the name of the competition in the form of a tutu, neatly placing it on the expanding.


Having created the unique logo, we began to work on the physical media of advertising posters. The elements placement and the program color scheme which increasingly tied the audience to the ballet were carefully worked out.
The poster text was distributed in a way that resembled a ballet schedule, and the color scheme and font put a gloss and a sense of classic luxury on the design.


We have created a strong visual identity that combines classics, art and talent, which are exactly what ballet represents.
Physical media created a strong visual identity and theatrical belonging, giving the viewer a clear understanding of the information on the billboard, which works great for attracting visitors to such events.

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