Design Concept for the Site of the All-Russian Competition of Ballet Dancers and Choreographers

The All-Russian Competition of Ballet Dancers and Choreographers, established by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, is intended to continue the tradition of regularly holding All-Union competitions of ballet dancers and choreographers in our country, which once have opened a whole galaxy of outstanding performers and talented ballet masters to the world.
June, 2020


To develop the concept of the website for the international competition as a part of tender offer.


The created project is visually tied to the updated concept of corporate identity of the competition.


The design of the site is made in a minimalistic style.
The main focus is on the content of the competition. A corporate font was chosen, corporate icons were drawn, the style of which also echoes the new logo.


The new website design transformed into the updated branding. We tried to make sure that even rectangular shapes on the site look sophisticated, do not make the visual burden and matched the theme of ballet and choreography.

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