A Service that Brings Together Doctors and Patients for Online Consultations, Appointments and Search for the Nearest Pharmacies

The Indian company Seekmed works with the country's leading, certified doctors. Seekmed is concerned about the quality of medical services for Indian citizens in other countries. The telemedicine service, to which the company connects Indian doctors, is designed to solve this problem.
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The cost for medical care keeps risin all over the world. The queues at the clinics are getting longer, and it’s becoming more difficult to come to a competent specialist. Due to the permanent busyness and lack of spare time, receiving qualified medical treatment is not available for a large audience.


SeekMed application is an aggregator of doctors of various specialties. The user only needs to find a suitable doctor and book an appointment. After the appointment, a patient receives medical documentation: prescription, referrals for tests, medical checkup or report.


The service includes features like: 1) Registration and entrance for doctors and patients; 2) Selection of specialists with search and filtering; 3) Doctors work schedule management; 4) Possibility to sign up for a consultation; 5) Video consultations; 6) Chat with a doctor, send scans and documents; 7) Search for the nearest pharmacies and clinics; 8) Service assessment system; 9) Integration with payment systems


Omega Inc. developed a complex telemedicine system, integrated it with audio and video chats (QuickBlox), secure data storage system, payment system (RazorPay). The application is actively introducing into the Indian market, and the customer plans its presence in neighbouring countries.

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