New Logo Concept and Corporate Identity for Stax

A beginner, but already well-known startup in Russia, has been on the market for more than 3 years and during this time they have formed optimal conditions for cooperation with drivers and partners (investors). They provide cars for work, issue licenses, paste over, connect to the service and regularly replenish their taxi fleet. They are partners of YandexGo and Didi.
October, 2021


Develop a visually strong brand from scratch to demonstrate its growth potential in the taxi market. The customer also planned the development of other business areas in the form of sub-brands, which had to be kept in mind, keeping the taxi metaphor.


The new logo design is simple and functional. The design is easy to access in all media sizes. It retains the consistency of the recognizable taxi color coding. Most importantly, it is easy to assemble: the application interface, advertising, car branding scheme based on the colors and geometry in the logo.


As part of the concept, we have successfully designed the outgoing media and digital media carriers. We modernized the current visual of the brand and developed new corporate styles, improved the user experience. We searched for an already functional brand solution to help users find their taxi on the street and catch their attention with bright posters that only reinforce the concept of the taxi.


Stax new branding is simple and practical for all kinds of media carriers: from branded documents to car wrapping, and mockups for billboards.
We stuck to the taxi colors and brand ownership while providing a wide range of opportunities for business scaling in other industries.

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