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Design of Web services

Creating web service design is particularly challenging: better data visualization is always concise, functional and extremely useful. Dashboard development includes everything related to the B2B product segment, BI data visualization and Analytics, managing a large number of users and content in the B2C sector, and designing subsystems for complex browser and desktop products.
Our team of designers provides services for creating visualization of web services: design of users’ personal accounts and site control panels, educational/training and entertainment platforms, visualization of dashboards, data collection and monitoring platforms.
Developing dashboards
E-commerce design
Data collection panels
Personal account design
Visualization of the control panel
Education and entertainment platforms

What do you get?

1. Pre-project preparation

  • Detailed analysis of competitor services
  • Upcoming work in a form of a Gantt chart

2. Web service construction

  • CJM (Customer Journey Map), Job Stories and key value formula for potential/realistic users of the service
  • Userflow
  • The first interface sketches (Lo-Fi, Wireframes)
  • Interactive service prototypes
  • Information service architecture with role-based access system

3. Web service design

  • Detailed layouts of the service screens
  • Adapted layouts for predefined screen resolutions
  • Accompanying service design documentation for development
  • Examples of interface element interaction animations
  • Design source files in the required format (.figma, .sketch, etc.)

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